Tree nurseries

Our primary goal is to set up tree nurseries to make sure we have enough young trees to plant during reforestation projects. The goal of the projects pointed out below is to generate enough money to invest in these tree nurseries.

tree nurseries babao foundation
air crete project gambia

Aircrete project

Aircrete is a new method to reduce the use of sand in building. Aircrete is concrete mixed with small bubbles of air. It creates a strong building material but reduced the usage of sand with 75%. 

This is not only a welcome solution for a country that is in a serious sand-crisis. It is also a way to create a new business in which a lot of young people could find jobs.


BABAO Fashion shop

Regularly we sent second hand clothes from Europe to the Gambia. A part of these clothes are directly donated to  poor people who can not afford clothes. Another part of the shipment is sold in our BABAO Fashion Shop in Manjai. This creates a few jobs and generate income which is invested in our tree nurseries.

Status: in progress


babao fashion store
babao coconut project

Coconut project

In Februari 2021 we started the planting of 4000 coconut trees. The goal is to reforest and keep the soil fertile, while growing coconuts for export. 

Status: in progress



Compost Facility

It is important to create our own compost factories to make sure we create enough soil and nutrients for our tree nurseries. By collecting organic material (cashew – and groundnut shells, fruit peels, egg shells, leaves etc) on a daily basis in villages we create new compost.

Status: on hold / no funding
Costs: 3000 euro


compost factory