Founder of BABAO Foundation

In 2012 Kevin made a 3 months journey by kayak over river Gambia with his friend Musa Bah. Together they survived hippo encounters and more. This made the two connect for life. In three years this project was developed by exchanging ideas, networking and doing research to reforestation projects.


Project manager Gambia

Musa Bah from Gambia is father of two children and married to Binta Jammeh. Musa is knows the jungle like no one and is prepared to do anything to save and restore the forest that is left. He will be managing the project in the Gambia. His role is to manage the BABAO Fashion shop, network with other tree farmers and support our tree nursery where needed.


Project manager Gambia

Molly Crow is from Australia and lives in the Gambia. She is very passionate about our mission to re-green the Gambia and working on The Tree Growers Association. This association aims to bring together all tree nurseries. This will make it more easy to communicate with our people, to divide seeds among the projects and also to share them among each other. But therefore you have to know who is having which seeds. Molly is working on that and much more!


Projectleader Tree Nursery Kartong

We are very happy to have the hardest working woman of Gambia on board. The talented Binta will be managing and coordinating the tree nursery in Kartong. Also she will take care of the compost facility that provides the nurseries in organic fertilizer.



Manager Farm & Tree expert

The hard working and smart Oumar Sambou from Senegal runs his own farm in Casamance. His knowledge about farming and trees will enforce this project. Kevin and Oumar met each other in 2020 and were impressed by his knowledge about trees and jungle medicine. Musa Bah and Oumar are good friends and work together in different projects. 

saeng dueAn


Saeng has always been working with trees and gardening in her homeland Thailand. She learned different techniques and methods in growing bamboo and aquaponics which is very useful in our Tree Nurseries. She works closely with Binta Jammeh to establish and design our first tree nursery in Kartong.


Award winning Tree Nurserer

Ansumana Darboe is Secretary General of youth association, Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Network member, Fellow EarthWatch Institute (Europe) and an Environmental activist.

He initiated a massive tree planting, mangrove conservation and restoration project involving the towns of Jattaba, Nioro Jattaba, Jiffarong, Bajana and Sankandi.

In 2018, Ansumana was awarded with a Shulman Award to continue planting mangroves, coordinate research on tree survival and growth. Ansumana runs his own tree nursery in Brikama, the Gambia.


Lamin bojang

Representer for Gunjur Village

Mr. Lamin Jassey has a high sense of tolerance and respect for diversity. He is a great person with a wonderful vision of advancing sustainable development best practices in African, on environmental protection, sustainable marine management and as well as in supporting the livelihood of local communities.